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Buying a home is a dream which everyone wishes to come true. We have a committed team of loan specialist who are experienced and qualified, to help you make smart decisions about the type of loan suitable to meet your requirements. We at Saint Louis Mortgages endeavor to turn your wish into a reality.

We understand that buying a new home can be a complicated and taxing process; we will help you understand the right way to look for the right home.

Firstly, do not start looking for a house which is at the higher end of your budget. You might fall in love with the house only to find out that it is way beyond you can afford.

Another mistake that people do is to settle for a house which might fit your budget but requires lot of costly rework. It would make no sense to pump in money into such a house.

Always do prior inspection before settling in for the house. You have to find out more, not just about the house but also about the neighborhood. You don’t want any nasty surprises once you become a proud owner of the property!

Also, do not get distracted by the smart fitting or lovely furniture. Ask questions, be it about the plumbing or the flooring.

Finally, once you have decided the property, do not take time in finalizing.

How are we different?

There have been a lot of changes in the mortgage industry.  The most important change being the licensing requirements of the Mortgage loan officers. Each one of them have been through rigorous federal and state education, testing, background and credit checks before they discuss mortgage terms and conditions with any customer.

Our company is devoted to match your specific need with a perfect mortgage option. There are a plethora of mortgage programs for home owners and buyers.

We take pride in stating that our company is maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB 8 standards of trust.

We fully go by the following standards:

  • Build trust
  • Be transparent
  • Be truthful
  • Be responsive
  • Advertise honestly
  • Honor promises
  • Safeguard privacy
  • Have integrity

We offer a variety of customized loan options to suit your requirement.

When you fill an application, our loan officer does a one on one meeting with you. The officer has been trained to understand each ones specific needs, gives you ample time to understand your need and requirement.

After this meeting the officer will suggest the best possible loan option suitable to you.

These are briefly explained to you for a better understanding.

  1. Adjustable rate Mortgage (ARM) where the rate of interest is adjustable periodically on a pre-selected index.
  2. Debt Consolidation where high interest monthly bills are combined with the new low interest home loan.
  3. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the U.S department of Veterans offer government insured loans.
  4. Fixed –rate mortgage as the name suggests the rate of interest remains fixed.
  5. Home Equity line of credit where you receive a large sum of money or open a line of credit that can be drawn as it is needed with low rate of interest.
  6. Interest only loan where the home owner has the option of choosing low rate of interest.
  7. Non conforming loans where the loan amount exceeds the loan amount allowed by the federal national mortgage and the federal home loan mortgage corporation- two government sponsored enterprises which facilitate the availability of home loan. The rate of interest is normally higher.
  8. Mortgage refinance where loan is paid off by refinancing.

All the terms and their implications will be explained in detail by our officer so that there is no ambiguity or lack of transparency.

Just tell us your requirements and we at Saint Louis Mortgages, are here to help and guide you!

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