Worst Companies to Work For: Online Reputation Repair

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Kraft Heinz Company could use some repairing strategies for their physical and online reputation. Among the many reviews that they have gotten online, most are from former employees or people that know employees that are unhappy with their internal experiences. The food manufacturer needs to find a way to repair their online reputation before these reviews catch up to them. The company has over forty-two thousand employees but the CEO approval rating is only 24%. About  one fourth of the company’s employees like their leader and who delegates them. It is crucial that management has a good relationship with their employees at any company. Nonetheless, one of the biggest food manufacturers in the world.

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In 2015, the company merged with Kraft Foods Groups. The companies thought as the two biggest competitors in the market, that they would dominate the industry. In terms of sales, they have and continue to. However, internal reputations are just as important as external reputations. Eventually, the negativity that festers within a company will rub off on the external environment, and consumers will begin feeling that negativity. The first step the company needs to take is to restore internal relationships between management and employees. Next, the company needs to handle their online reviews through an online reputation repair company. By consulting or even using an online reputation repair company, they can not only repair your online reputation, they can advise you on how to repair your relationships with your employees. With so many levels of management, it can be hard to do but it is important to stay focused on employees… especially when they do not like what they do. To elaborate, the company began cost-cutting and that included services and work conditions of employees. Corporate leaders  and the Kraft entirety were rated 2.6 out of 5 starts which is tied for the second lowest rating for all companies in the United States. For information about an effective online reputation repair company worth consulting, visit the link above.

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