ValueMags: can your pets get the winter blues?

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Once the summer is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder says ValueMags. This change in the seasons gets people down and makes them have lower energy. But believe it or not, you are not the only one to feel this way. During the cold months, your pets will also lack energy and sleep too much.

You might have heard of humans getting seasonal affective disorder but your pets can get it too. It is when they are feeling depressed because of the change from summer to fall. There are things you can do with your pet to boost their mood. The reduced sunlight in the winter can lead to SAD symptoms. Keeping that in mind, if you place their bed next to a window can be a huge difference in their mood. Also notice how your bulbs emit light. There are newer kinds of light bulbs that are called full spectrum. They are much better than the typical fluorescent bulbs due to the fact that they imitate and artificially extend daylight hours says ValueMags researchers. Veterinarians strongly suggest you make the switch because it increases the amount of daylight your pet’s retina gets. This in turn decreases the melatonin production and the amount of sleep they will get.


It is good to remember to pamper yourself and that is good for your pet too. If you book a trim and a bath, it may help them feel and look good. If you are on a budget, you can always do this at home in your own bathtub. Also think of creative ways to keep them moving since going outside may not be such a great option most days in the winter. You can try different toys for your pets like a treat ball and you can place their dinner bowls at different locations to keep them moving and get their brain working.

Diet is another factor to consider in winter months. Think about your own activity levels and what you should be eating accordingly. Since most people are not the most active during these months, this means you should eat less carbs and sweets. The same should apply to your pets so make sure they eat fewer grains or even go completely grain-free. It can lead to weight gain since they are less mobile in the winter explains ValueMags. An option can be to give them food and treats that contain higher levels of protein. Visit the ValueMags website for more information about the matter.

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