Online Reputation Management Equals the Modern Day Resume

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Online reputation management is becoming or has already become the main way professionals in charge of hiring make their decisions about you. Your reputation management is predominantly going to be dealt with online. Your online reputation management is judged and observed by people in professional fields every day, whether you know it or not. Hiring managers are taking to the internet to research candidates before even considering them for a position. Your online reputation management serves as your resume. It is no longer necessary to present yourself with a CV for employers to look over. The only pertinent piece of information from your resume that they need is your name so that they can do a Google search on you and see how you’ve dealt with your reputation management.


Employers need to know that the people they’re hiring know how to compose themselves. If they’re able to find inappropriate or unprofessional content of you online, then imagine how easy it is for others to do the same. Employers do not want to hire individuals who are easy targets online as it poses a threat for the company. You are opening the company up to online extortion for online reputation management and this is an expense that employers want to avoid.

Online reputation management is how you present yourself to employers without physically meeting them. Assume that someone is always interested in hiring you and constantly looking in to see if your reputation management is appropriate. As scary as that may sound, if you keep this state of mind, you will avoid not being chosen for a position because of your online reputation management. Always think twice before posting something and always think about who may see it now or in the future.

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