Could A “Bloomnation” Help Your Business

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Have you heard of Bloomnation? Bloomnation is like the Etsy of the flower industry, and it is helping tremendously. Whether florists are small or large, Bloomnation is helpig customers find exactly what they want on one website, without having to search multiple websites.

This leaves some to wonder is Bloomnation is right for their business. Perhaps, but let’s look at the details. First, it’s easy to be looked at as just a cog in the big machine. While customers can look into all of your offerings, they may simply just look for what they need at that moment, and not look into your other offerings. However, you can offer up your best offerings, so that may not matter in the long run.


Now, one thing that turns off many who look to Bloomation is the fee that you pay the website for your own sales. It’s currently a 10% fee – which can add up. When you consider that good marketing and a merchant account can net you less than that 10% fee owed – you may decide that Bloomnation isn’t for you.

However, Bloomnation does offer up a customized website for each florist, and that is a very pricy thing to invest in for a new (or even existing) business. But, with a small loan or merchant cash advance from a merchant account provider like First American Merchant, you can have your own cool website.

Bloomnation partners with Yelp, guiding your customers to see your reviews as well as asking them to add their own review. It’s a cool tool (it’s my personal go-to when looking for a new business), but that is also something that you can do yourself.

So, what’s the best choice for you? Well, that’s totally up to you. I know that doesn’t help, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your industry friends their take on Bloomnation. Some love it – and some find it as an offensive tool to make every florist appear on the same level (which can actually help some). So, go with your brain, and do what is ultimately best for your business.

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