Bridging Finance- Industry Analysis

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On the eve of the European referendum, we think about where the bridging finance industry lies right now, and what might be in store for the future.

Since the economy is moving all over again, and the property market is starting to thrive, investors are anxiously looking for option intends to raise their capital, outwith the depressing alternatives that can be found in the banks. This increased flow of capital, in mix with a stimulated property market, implies that bridging finance sector is set to proceed with its energizing time of growth.


Though, there is most likely, the bridging loan market is developing also to the home loan market did in the 1990’s. While prior to, the bridging loan sector was a combination of lenders offering extensively comparative products, there now seems to be some specialism and setting down within the industry, with no one size fits all approach.

The greatest contrast is the steady split between the short term mortgage market, with some standard firms, offering exceptionally aggressive, yet hard to get, medium term home loans of up to 24 months; and the niche bridging finance providers like at Tiger Bridging, where we offer transient property loans for a wide array of property asset classes.

With a network of high net worth investors, family workplaces and a select gathering of speculative stock investments, entrepreneurial organizations like us at Tiger Bridging, can offer bespoke bespoke bridging finance solutions, customized to the correct prerequisites of every customer. With no set criteria, and our antiquated, businesslike method for investigating every proposal, we can fund deals that would some way or another have been dismissed by standard bridging finance companies.

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